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The NOW television show - Winner of the Gold Remi award at the 2008 Houston Film Festival and Winner of the Intermedia Silver Globe at the 2008 World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany

Regina Leader Post
No Opportunity Wasted is Time Well Spent

"Sense of self is all over TV these days. Selflessness -- a willingness to help others -- is a tougher subject to tackle.

No Opportunity Wasted, CBC's uneven reality series about ordinary, everyday people overcoming their fears in 72-hour challenges, features an unusual and uplifting outing tonight, Aim for the Heart.

In it, Sharon Babineau, a Hamilton, Ont., woman touched by tragedy -- she lost her husband to Lou Gehrig's disease nearly 10 years ago, and only recently lost her beloved 15-year-old daughter to cancer -- realizes her daughter's dying wish, to help build a school and drinking well in the impoverished Maasai grasslands of southwestern Kenya, just south of the equator."...more...

The Charlottetown Guardian
Teacher fulfills dream of helping African Children

"Elementary school teacher Tara Stewart had a dream, and boy did she ever fulfil it. 

Stewart is the daughter of Spud and Shirley Stewart of Montague. She teaches French, language arts and social studies at Souris consolidated school. She is also a huge fan of Phil Keoghan, the creator of reality television shows Amazing Race and No Opportunity Wasted. 

When a friend encouraged her to check out the No Opportunity Wasted website, Stewart thought: “Hey, maybe I’ll try it. It could be an opportunity to do something good in the world, something that will make a difference.”" ...more...

Ottawa Citizen
Spirits soar under African skies

"When Maddie Babineau, all of 15, lay in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children earlier this year fighting an unrelenting cancer, her mom Sharon heard there were auditions at a nearby mall for a TV show that would help people face their fears or soothe their hearts. Sharon was certain that when the producers heard about Maddie they would send them both -- a fragile mother and a dying daughter -- to Africa." ...more...
'Amazing Race' host brings new show to Canada

"...Keoghan, 40, recently found his way across Canada to scout people for another reality series, No Opportunity Wasted. Based on a format he created in his native New Zealand, the series challenges regular people to achieve their goals in a 72-hour time period.

"We're going to take away all the excuses and we're going to present you with an opportunity," Keoghan explains. "Now it's up to you to execute it. You've got to do all the hard work to make it happen. It's not just about extreme things. It really is about life-changing experiences." ...more...

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Once in a Lifetime Dares

"A They face their biggest fears and you get to watch. Can a farm girl fake it as a Park Avenue princess? Then, dirty, hairy and out of shape, can a scruffy metalworker make it in the world of high fashion?"...more...

The Early Show on CBS
Stop The Excuses, Live Your Dreams!

"Excuses hold us back," Keoghan says. "It's really easy to make up excuses: I don't have time, no money, family pressures, etc. 'It's 'shoulda, coulda, woulda.' The whole point of the book is to get people past that." ...more...

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Discover Your Next Challenge

Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you have a fear that's holding you back? Phil Keoghan says the first step is asking yourself: "If I were to take my last breath tomorrow at 3 p.m., what is the one thing I would regret not having done?" ...more...

The Oprah Winfrey Show
It's Time to Shake Things Up

Check out Phil's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show where he helps a woman confront her paralyzing fear by repelling from a ledge hundreds of feet high. Plus Jennifer Aniston takes on a grizzly bear and a family relocates to Mongolia. ...more...

Chicago Tribune
By Maureen Ryan Tribune staff reporter

"...but if you're in search of more family-friendly programs -- shows the whole family can watch without risk of a risque hot tub scene, naughty words or grisly violence -- we have a few suggestions." 


"No Opportunity Wasted" (7 p.m. Thursdays, Discovery): Phil Keoghan, host of "The Amazing Race," is the creator and host of this engaging show, on which he helps average Joes and Janes realize their fondest wishes. The twist is, participants have a limited budget and a limited time frame in which to live their dreams (one avid scuba fan had one weekend and a few hundred bucks to spend on confronting his fear of diving with sharks). It helps if you're a fan of Keoghan (and how could you not be?), but even if you're not, this heartwarming, no-glitz show is not a waste of time. 

Chandler News

Kraig Wright will become reality TV's latest star — or victim — when a cable-series episode following a mad threeday dash to reunite the Chandler man's old rock band debuts on the Discovery Channel. ...more...

The Dennis Miller Show

Join Phil talking with Dennis Miller about the inspiration for NOW and about the 'No Opportunity Wasted' TV show. 8th October, 6.00pm and 9.00pm PT and 9.00pm and 12.00am ET ...more...

USA Today

From Robert Bianco in the 'Critic's Corner'. "Keoghan provides a reassuring presence as mentor and humorous motivator ... Not all wishes are fulfilled, but as one of the men says, "It's better to travel than arrive." In TV terms, that's probably true - as long as you have someone as congenial as Keoghan as your guide." ...more...

TV Tome

Preview: "Though billed as reality show, No Opportunity Wasted seems to have the general look and feel of a documentary ... This certainly isn't a bad thing. If 'No Opportunity Wasted' is reality TV, it's certainly reality TV of a higher standard, much like 'The Amazing Race'. ...more...

TV Guide

"Imagine if, all your life, you wanted to climb Mount Everest. If I were to suddenly plunk you on the summit, it would be a great experience for you to be there, but it wouldn't feel half as good as if you looked back down and realized you had put in all this hard work and effort to get to the top. That's what it's about with this show." ...more...

Glued Magazine

3/4 stars: "Initially, the two subjects seems a tad underwhelming, but when you're watching them underwater surrounded by 40 Caribbean reef sharks or nearly capsizing on rough seas, it doesn't feel like a viewing opportunity wasted." 

Reality TV Calendar

"This is a wonderful series with surprising adventures each week on the Discovery Channel ... As human beings, we are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. Dare to dream, and do everything in your power to make it happen." ...more...

Direct TV Magazine

October cover article, 'Once in a Lifetime'. " 'No Opportunity Wasted' is all about seizing the moment and making a snap decision to fulfill an experience you might not otherwise realize ... the show focuses on daring people to grab the bull by the horns ..." ...more...

TV Barn

"Keoghan likes to say that imagination is currency. And contestants spend that currency like it's going out of style on the terrific new adventure reality series "No Opportunity Wasted..." ...more...

US Weekly

In the 'US Musts' TV section, "The host of 'Amazing Race', Phil Keoghan, gives contestants $3000 and 72 hours to turn a dream into reality." 


"Billy Campbell, president of Discovery Networks, U.S., who joined Abruzzese at the briefing, said the one new series that could become a breakout hit is "No Opportunity Wasted," which helps people achieve a dream that seemed impossible. The dreams include … " ...more...

The Hollywood Reporter

"Among the new entries on Discovery Channel will be "N.O.W.," an acronym for No Opportunity Wasted, with host Phil Keoghan surprising participants by making their wishes a reality. Discovery Networks president Billy Campbell said this is the show he is most excited about ..."...more...

Team VRC

VRC announces "No Opportunity Wasted" as 2007 title sponsor

December 8, 2006

Los Angeles-based VRC is pleased to announce that "No Opportunity Wasted" (NOW) will be the team's title sponsor for 2007 season. NOW, a best selling book and critically acclaimed television series, was created and is produced by four-time Emmy award winning "Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan and Louise Keoghan. NOW is about encouraging people from all walks of life to make the most of every opportunity and to step up to physical and mental challenges that take them to the edge.

Team VRC Website

Cycling News Website


Breakfast TV on TV ONE

A Call To Action... NOW!

Do you have what it takes? Phil Keoghan, New Zealand-born TV adventurer and host of the Emmy award-winning reality TV show The Amazing Race, and his team are on the search for talent to feature on a New Zealand version of the critically acclaimed US television series No Opportunity Wasted, N.O.W.

For ten days (April 7 - 17, 2006), the N.O.W. team is traveling the length of New Zealand to find Kiwis who are ready to seize an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ...more...

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald

They were among 30 hopefuls who auditioned yesterday before New Zealand-born TV adventurer Phil Keoghan. In two minutes, they had to tell the host of The Amazing Race how they would use 72 hours and a little cash to turn a dream into reality. ...more...