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"The first list I ever made up was handwritten on the back of a brown paper bag....." - Phil Keoghan

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Hi Phil
I thought Id just email to say thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave me 2 years ago.  I am 34, and live in good old kiwi land and up to now have lived a fairly non eventful life apart from the usual, married and 3 children situation.  

A few years ago the programme NOW was screening here and at the end of one of your shows you said that if you have a thing about heights and want an opportunity to conquer that then txt your name to the show.  My husband hassled me all night to txt because I have this crippling fear not so much of heights but that dropping feeling you get when you drop from a height… you would never get me on a roller coaster, did it once and swore that if they managed to peel my body from the seat then I would never do that again.  

Anyway after about an hour of harassing me I just txted my name in so that he would shut up, after all nobody wins these things do they?!  Ill never forget the next day when they rang to say I'd won a skydive.  My stomach lurched and for the rest of the day I felt nauseas.   I even considered not telling anybody and just forget about but when Karl came home that night he immediately asked what was wrong as I was looking a bit seedy.  

Well, to cut a long story short it actually took me 18 months to psych myself into doing it.  For a long time it was a definite no, I'm not doing it, then I logged onto the skydive company so I could look at the pictures and definitely justify not doing it.  The opening paragraph talked about stop making excuses and not wasting opportunities put in front of us and it just hit home. So I went.  

I felt sick all day and I early bailed at the last minute, the only thing that kept me going is my 11 year old boy saying just before I drove up to Auckland in February, “Just think mum, when you get home you’ll be a hero”. I just wanted to be a hero in his eyes.  

I had a wonderful instructor who thankfully tricked me to go out the plane, he told me to just inch forward a tiny bit so he could get comfortable.  Next thing I know he’s not stopping and we were out the plane. He must of known Id grab the sides of the plane given half the opportunity!  The view was spectactular and one Ill never forget.  The rush was amazing!!! 
So thank you so much for the work you do and the opportunity you gave me.  It has started a whole new adventure streak in me. I wrote a list and in 5 weeks Im crossing off 3 of them as I am helicoptering on Franz joseph Glacier and tramping down ( wanted to go in a helicopter and also see franz joseph glacier) and Im going to go whale watching (something I had the opportunity to do so 16 years ago and chickened out of at the time). 
From now on there will be no opportunities wasted in this house!

Hi Phil and the team at NOW.

I recently purchased your book second hand through trademe in NZ and have to say WOW.   I had not idea what the book was about when I got it as it was just one of a number of items that I purchased from a single person. All I can say is that it really made me write down all of the things that I had been thinking about doing, and the "do it NOW" idea has already impacted my life.

Face your fears.
I thought long and hard about this as I really am not particularly scared of anything. I ended up swimming with a shark as a 12 year the ocean, without anyone nearby, no support boat.....just swimming in the wrong place at the wrong time, however I a few years back I saw a guy in LA walking down the street with a snake around his neck, and I walked well away from him. I guess I was scared of snakes.....true to the NOW philosophy, and since I was reading that part of your book the day before I went to Australia zoo, I am proud to say the first thing on my list was all taken care of prior to actually getting the list written. I now have a photo with me (and my family) with a 16kg python around our necks.

Get Lost
I love doing this, but find it really hard. I went for a walk from LAX to, well, I don't know. I just walked and walked and walked. I saw lots, heard lots, and then when I got tired I thought I would flag down a cab. I did so, and prior to me even saying one word, the Cabbie asked, "So are you from Australia of New Zealand?"  New Zealand I answered, how did you know. He said "Well your a white guy walking in this area, and you tried to flag down a cab. I bet you just went for a walk from the airport huh?"
He was, of course, 100% correct.
I really don't have anything on this part of my list, I have thought long and hard about this, but I don't have an answer...yet.

Test your limits.
I am 110kg (down from 120+) and have just last week purchased a bike. In 18 months time I am going to complete the around Taupo cycle ride. This will test me beyond what I know I can do, and on the way will force me to lose more weight to allow myself to achieve number 4 which is going to be my reward.

Take a leap of faith.
OK, the higher the better, so as a reward for completing the around Taupo ride I am going to complete a tandem skydive.  - I need to be under 100kg to do this, so this has to come after I have completed the ride.

Rediscover your childhood.
It seems strange that one thing leads to another, however as a child I used to love riding my bike. This is something I have just begun to re-discover. 

Shed your inhibitions / express yourself.
I have a we problem with this....there is not really much that I wont do!!! I actually think the hardest thing that I have to do is to share this list, even writing up this email is forcing myself into some sort of commitment outside of myself. I hate the idea of a risk of failure, so sharing what I want to do with others is somewhat of a challenge to me. I am going to do this through speaking at my church and sharing about the NOW life, and my list (or parts of it anyway).

Break new ground.
I have suffered from a lack of friends over the years. Recently I heard to have a friend you need to be a friend. I am going to step forward with this and become a friend of at least one new person at church. On top of that I am starting a new men's group at church, aiming at having mostly a social time, and also hoping to spread more information about NOW tot he group.....all going well I intend to get a few more guys to go on the ride around Taupo with me!

Aim for the heart.
Along with the lines of the above I have already gained a new friend. This is someone completely outside of my comfort zone. He is a drug (prescription) and alcohol addict, has just broken up with his wife, has no money and needs surgery for an ongoing illness. I have committed to working with him and helping him through this time, and am more than anything just being a friend to him!

Well, that is my list....and while I have been typing this someone else has also just borrowed the book from me!!!

Kind Regards - here's looking forward to an exciting 18 months!
Matt Oliver

DustinDear Phil, I am writing to tell you about an amazing little boy, my 11 year old son Dustin. 

My husband bought your book last year and we were reading it together as a family (husband Rob, myself, 13-year old daughter Robyn and our son Dustin). My husband would read a chapter a week ,we would discuss it and add to our list if needed. We were living the NOW life. We watched the excitement in our children's eyes and the way they approached everyday life.

That was until May 23, 2007 my son had an accident at home and lost his life... because of his age the police were called in to check the house and his room. On my sons bed they found his "list for life" with his entry he had added moments before his accident. The police questioned us about it and we explained you and your book the best we could. They were amazed that such a young boy was moved by your book. 

My son's list differed from ours - you see, we had what we wanted to do or what would make us happy, but his list also included what would make other peoples lives easier and what he could do for others. This touched us because we had not made it to that chapter yet. My husband and I have decided instead of finishing our list for life we would try to do some of Dustin's list. We have since then moved and have did a room in his honor and I was wondering if I could receive one of your NOW flags so I could display it in the room. My son really did live the NOW life and I cannot think of a better way to honor my son than displaying the NOW flag next to his list. 

Thank You for your time,
Corrina Crosby

While I realize Phil won't likely see this email personally, I still felt that I had to write. After reading his book, I decided that this was the year I stopped letting worry and irrational fear deprive me of certain experiences. I am fortunate to live in Canmore, Alberta, one of the most beautiful places on Earth in the Canadian Rockies. Just down the road from my house is a wild cave system called 'The Rat's Nest.'

In Phil's book, he mentioned overcoming his claustrophobia by touring the same cave (unless there is another one in the world with the same name). Since I've always wanted to take that cave tour, and my claustrophobia is what has kept me out, I decided that enough was enough. Phil's warning about procrastination prompted me to say, "Now or Never."

I went on the tour yesterday and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. My claustrophobia reared its ugly head in the first tight passage we had to squeeze through, and I talked myself through it. After that, the descent into the cave was nothing but excitement and wonder, and I believe I left a large portion of my claustrophobia inside. I want to take that tour again, I enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for the inspiration. It is the next day and I still feel like a little kid full of excitement. I hope many people will read Phil's book and watch the show to find their own inspiration to live the life they've always wanted. I know I plan to from now on.

Next up...SKYDIVING!

Best regards,

Patrick LaMontagne 
Canmore, AB 

Phil, I just have to say, I have never had so much trouble reading a book in my life!! I can't finish more than 3 chapters at a time because I keep going to add something to my Life List, or going online to check prices on airfare to Sydney, Australia, or something equally unusual!! And it's all your fault!! I have finished at least 2 things on my list and I hope to finish about 3 more this year. Next on my plate is skydiving. Here in Northern Michigan, I can fly over the bay and then jump with a view!! I'm so excited! I actually started a business that is helping pay for my adventures and has become an adventure in itself and I'm really excited about it.

Basically, I just want to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. My life has changed, definitely for the better. Can't wait to get to the rest of my list!

Christina Struck 
Petoskey, Michigan, USA 

My sons and I watch THE AMAZING RACE -- not together, as they are both married and no longer live at home -- but we call each other and visit after each episode and for days thereafter. As the program ends, I usually hear my cell phone ring and know it's one of the boys. We pick our favorites, of course, and rarely agree on that, but it's fun to share the program together.

You are kind of like the glue that holds THE AMAZING RACE together -- we enjoy your input and especially your attitude of kindness toward the participants!

I am almost 65 years old (May 13) -- by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Phil! I don't consider myself very adventurous, but since I've been reading your book, I've decided that I will look for opportunities to live life in a more lively and energetic way. I'm going to start small -- I'm going to embark on a walking adventure -- not sure exactly how this will transpire -- but that's part of the adventure. Right now, I'm going to begin as I walk in my neighborhood -- doesn't sound too exciting, right? -- but as I walk, I'm going to watch for people to whom I might make a difference. I'm excited to see where this might lead.

Although my beginning isn't as exciting as, say, planning a walk to the North Pole -- but I'm not going to apologize for the size of my adventure -- just embrace it!

Blessings to you and your family.

Patti Brooks 
Omaha, Nebraska 

Dear Phil,

I want to thank you! I recently read your book "No Opportunity Wasted," and as a result I have been moved into action!

I am a 50 year old woman who has not sought out a lot of adventure. I have had adventure happen TO me (I was in an airplane that suddenly lost alitutude over the mountains due to engine failure), but in terms of my facilitating adventures, I have only done so in my mind.

Your book literally spoke to me! On April 22, 2006 I began writing my List for Life. On April 26th, I had my dear friend Kathy witness my list. Some of the items are not that daring, some I will likely never accomplish in my lifetime, but I am comitted to making an effort to do as many of them as I can. On June 25, 2006, I checked off the first item on the list - I went skydiving! Phil, I know that I am preaching to the converted, but OH MY STARS! It was THE BEST!!!! I had the most amazing time. And the best part is that a friend of mine who came to watch and support me in my first jump decided at the last minute to live her most adventurous life and she joined me! I was so thrilled!

When I got home, I couldn't come down off the high (again, I know you know what I am talking about so I apologize for the redundancy!), and I added another item - I hope this doesn't continue, cross off an item, add an item! Could end up being a VERY long list! Anyway, I decided to do like Shane in the book and add shark diving. That terrifies me, and I don't know when I will be ready for it, but it is on my list and I plan to attempt everything on there.

Thanks again Phil! YOU ROCK!

Best regards,

Audrey Ravndahl, Vancouver, Canada


Dear Phil,

I wanted to let you know that your book changed my life. I had been unhappy with my job of nine years, yet fearful of making any drastic changes. I was non aggressively looking for a new job when I saw you on Oprah and got your book. You made me realize that it was the fear of change and failure that was keeping me in my current position.

I started to make my list for life in late August, 2005 and #1 on that list was to teach in a foreign country. I was a Jr. High School History and Geography teacher at the time, but I wanted to see the world and not just teach about it. I started to apply for overseas teaching positions AGGRESSIVELY the day after reading NOW. I did not go back to teaching at my former school in the fall despite having no job in sight. I took a LEAP OF FAITH that I would find something I wanted to do.

By January 18, 2006 I had moved from my apartment, sold my car and all of my furniture. What I did not sell I donated to charity. I came to see that it was all stuff and was not making me happy. I now have a little corner of my parent's garage holding my remaining possessions because with 2 suitcases and a backpack I moved to Japan to teach English.

I am loving it here. I wish I had done it sooner. #1 on my list is done and I am one step closer to visiting all of the continents - #2 on my list. Every day I explore my new city by bike or take a train to the next town just to see what is there. No real plan. I just GET LOST as you suggested in your book.

I wanted you to know that you do make a difference in people's lives. I packed pretty light for a year, but my well worn copy of NOW made it into my luggage as a must have.

Thank You again,

Beth Enerson

Ube, Japan (formally of Suburban Chicago)


Dear Phil, I saw you on the Oprah show today and want to thank you for giving people the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and move forward for something that they want in life.

I always wanted to be a police officer. At age 42 I decided that if I didn't go for it, it would never happen. I had been with my husband for 20 years, had gone through a divorce and was a single mother of two teenage girls. During my marriage my husband (also a police officer) told me that if I pursued the career that I dreamed of he would divorce me. Not wanting that to happen, I stuck with the marriage until I reached a point where I realized that I was never going to be happy with this man. (He and I are good friends today)

I moved on and at 42 began applying and testing to be what I always wanted to be. I worked very hard, because the physical agility tests are difficult and I couldn't even run 1 lap of the track or do a single pushup when I started. I never failed a standard police physical agility test once I started testing. After 2 years of testing with various departments I was finally offered positions with two departments at the same time. I attended the police academy at age 44 and was the oldest cadet in the class. At graduation I was given the highest achievement award for the class. I have been employed as a police officer in a 60 officer department for almost three years now and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job! It was scary to step out of my comfort zone and begin testing, but I was determined.

Giving the people an opportunity to do what they want without handing it to them is such a fabulous way of impacting lives in a positive manner. Thank you for all of those you touch.


Officer LuAnna Brook
Harrisburg, PA

  1. Feel the rush of being in an offshore regatta on a sleek J Boat. Even better crew for the America's Cup doesn't matter who for, just to be on a one of those magnificent sailing vessels.
  2. Get the courage to enjoy what i was once passionate about...sailing.
  3. Teach (anything needed to be taught) in a third world country and learn from those I teach maybe in a place like phuket-a place that needs help.
  4. Go to Ravensbruk Concentration camp in Germany and experience the place my namesake died.
  5. 6 months backpack/biking through europe.
  6. Adopt a child that needs me.
  7. Visit each continent (not the cold one brrrr) and travel through each.
  8. Write a novel about my grandparents life from their participation in the resistance movement against Hitler on into their life that led them to America with 5 kids and 60 bucks...
  9. Speak to battered and beaten women and children about my experiences in the same situation.
  10. Go to ground zero and just think about it all...

- Christina Smoorenburg 

Hey Phil! I saw the segment of your show on Oprah a few days ago and it inspired me to make a List for Life , like the ones I've seen on your site. Some of this might seem a little stupid , but I'm only sixteen! (Maybe that means I'll have more time to cross things off the list , then!)

  1. Stay for at least a week in Paris.
  2. Write a book and get it published!
  3. Learn to sing (well).
  4. Have a solo/speaking role in a Broadway (or CanStage) show.
  5. Be a role-model/mentor for younger girls.
  6. Make my parents proud of me!
  7. Officiate a wedding.
  8. Stay in Alaska and do volunteer work with animals.
  9. Go on a week-long horseback adventure wherever the trail takes me.
  10. Drive my dad's Race car.
  11. Spread the "Cube" philosophy. (It's a long , long story)

Thanks a lot for the show , Phil , it's really giving me stuff to work towards!! You rock! (When I finally get to the stage , I'll call you. You better come see me!)

- Monique, 16. - Ontario, Canada

  1. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World
  2. Sing in front of a group of strangers.
  3. Shave my head for Locks of Love. The 5 inches I gave weren't't enough.
  4. Hug every person I see in one day.
  5. Take off my make-up, trendy clothes, etc. and let those I care most about see me completely undone.
  6. Move into a miserably small apartment in New York City.
  7. Become a teacher, no matter what the income.
  8. Get into politics, whether that means running for Mayor of my small town or running to become the first female President.
  9. Play football with an NFL team… although being a scrawny girl may prevent me from winning.
  10. Work as a firefighter.

- Claire Overbeck - Havertown PA.

  1. Have my son orchestrate an album of jazz pieces for me to sing.
  2. Record that album with my favorite musicians.
  3. Tour major concert halls with a concert of that album, full orchestra and all.
  4. Buy houses and make them accessible and affordable for people with wheelchairs.
  5. Surf the coasts and raft the rivers of Costa Rica.
  6. Trek the Mayan and Incan pyramids.
  7. Sing for film scores.
  8. Be a voice for cartoons.
  9. Bodysurf and sing with some of my favorite musicians in Brazil.
  10. Tour European jazz festivals, singing with local musicians.
  11. Ski in the French Alps.
  12. Be painted by Didier Lourenco while singing in a nightclub in Spain.

- Karen Emerson 

  1. I've always just been plain looking, I have always dreamed about being a model and posing for a fashion magazine.
  2. Never popular enough in high school to be a cheerleader.
  3. Have tea with the Queen of England.
  4. Learn how to mountain climb.
  5. Learn how to dog sled in the Alaska wilderness.
  6. Be treated like a princess, lavished and pampered from head to toe.
  7. Write a book about my experience in Iraq as a female soldier.
  8. Have a personal trainer who will help me tone and be in the best shape ever.
  9. Spend more quality time with all my children.
  10. Learn how to fly a jet.

- Anna Giddings 

"Having lived in beautiful New Zealand for two years, my NOW list includes a number of Southern Hemisphere dreams that I hope come true!"

  1. Return to New Zealand and do a two-day kayak trip in the Bay of Islands
  2. Finally get the nerve to bungee jump at the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown, NZ
  3. Go on a dolphin adventure in Kaikoura, New Zealand
  4. Zorbing in New Zealand
  5. Take six months to drive Australia, coast-to-coast
  6. Meet with the famous wild dolphins in Monkey Mia, Australia
  7. Return to the Cook Islands and stay for one month
  8. Make the drive I saw on "The Amazing Race" from Chile to Argentina
  9. Go to Bariloche in Patagonia (again, I saw it on The Amazing Race)
  10. Visit Machu Pichu
  11. Travel the world for one year, no itinerary, just go, and stay, as the mood fits
  12. Volunteer with Doctors Without Borders on an international trip to know that my life made a difference, that my time on this earth helped someone
  13. And Phil and compare travel stories!

"Thanks, Phil, you have become my favorite television personality, kiwi, and inspiration to assure that No Opportunity is Wasted!"

- Sandra (Sam) Gershenfeld - California

  1. Spend 6 months in Thailand working in a Tiger Sanctuary protecting and conserving their natural habitat and re-releasing injured tigers back into protected areas.
  2. Horse trek at Khoovsgul Nuur in Northern Mongolia.
  3. Audition for post graduate study at Julliard and perform at Carnegie Hall.
  4. Follow the annual migration from the Serengeti into the Masai Mara in East Africa
  5. Find a cure for epilepsy so my mum and other sufferers around the world won't need daily medication to keep their seizures under control.
  6. Ride a motorbike through India
  7. Trek the Kokoda Trail & the Great Wall of China.
  8. Drive Route 66 in a convertible with the girls from High School
  9. Jump a world cup show jumping course (height- 1.60 metres)
  10. Adopt a Russian child or a child affected by land mines.
  11. Whitewater raft class V rapids in New Zealand.
  12. Swim with whales, dolphins and seals.
  13. Cut my hair off for cancer research
  14. Drive to Uluru and experience Dorothea Mackellars "sunburnt country".
  15. Win the first Australian series of "The Amazing Race"

"I really want the last one to happen! Phil, get your show down under!!!!!! Or even better have it against the Kiwis although we know who would win!"

- Cassie White - Sydney, Australia. April 2005


  1. Teach physically disabled people to dance.
  2. Host the world's biggest dance party.
  3. Perform the lead role in a musical theatre production in a professional theatre.
  4. Sing on stage with John Farnham.
  5. Compete in a World Championship for Ceroc, Ballroom or Latin American dancing.
  6. Record my own album.
  7. Officiate at the figure skating of an Olympic Games.
  8. Go on an elephant trek in northern Thailand.
  9. Visit every country in the world.
  10. Write a novel. 

    - Denise Brennock - New Zealand


  1. Work with ORBIS in rural Ethiopia to bring sight to the blind.
  2. Adopt more Ethiopian children, especially the undesirable older children.
  3. Join a Bedouin trans-Saharan caravan traveling from oasis to oasis navigating by the stars (and my trusty GPS).
  4. Fly a GA aircraft from Marakesh, Morrocco to Cape Town, South Africa.
  5. Land a very large aircraft, C-130 or 747, in both day and night conditions.
  6. Fly my family, in a de Havilland Beaver floatplane, to Alaska for a week of fishing, camping and exploration.
  7. Take a photographic rebreather dive beneath an Antarctic ice shelf to capture marine mammals.
  8. Of course I must swim alongside a Humpback Whale off Maui and hitch a ride on a Whale Shark off Honduras.
  9. Explore the vast Mexican underwater cave network with the team members of Dr. Greg Stone.
  10. Take my family to the Galapagoes Islands to walk in Darwin's footsteps, and of course, to dive with iguanas.
  11. Spend two spring months with a research team running around the Midwest in search of tornados.
  12. Go inside the analyst's world within the CIA, learn our national secrets and threats, learn about our worldwide covert ops.
  13. Visit area 51, need I say more.
  14. Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro with my wife before the summit glacier totally melts.
  15. I would love to kite board across the English Channel.
  16. Crew a leg of the Whitbread Round the World Race especially around The Horn.
  17. Visit an active volcano in a third world country to hopefully witness a pyroclastic flow.
  18. Take an indy car driving course and compete in the Grand Prix of Long Beach.
  19. Travel the seas to photograph and catalogue the worlds most beautiful nudibranchs.
  20. Publish an autobiographical account of my life thusfar, because there are many new experiences ahead. 

    - Richard Dawson (Cancer Survivor) - Los Angeles, California - 03/07/2005



  1. Become a Professional Wrestler (In fact, NOW is the show which made up my mind about going to Walter Kowalski's School of Professional Wrestling).
  2. Wrestle with The Undertaker.(I worship him)
  3. Get U.S. Military Sniper Training
  4. Get S.W.A.T training from the LA S.W.A.T. team.
  5. Visit every castle in Ireland.
  6. Spend a night in every haunted hotel, house, or building in The United States.
  7. Meet Bam Margera.
  8. Meet Jonathan Davis.
  9. Meet Mr. Vince McMahon Sr.
  10. Dive off the World's tallest waterfall.

    - Wynn McCormick


  1. Live and work in a country where I don't speak the language.
  2. Cross a major ocean by sailboat.
  3. Date a woman who is way, way out of my league.
  4. Take a race car driving course.
  5. Cross-country ski in a Scandinavian country.
  6. Publish a travel story in The New York Times or The Washington Post.
  7. Cycle across Europe.
  8. Do 10 minutes of stand-up comedy on television.
  9. Learn to play chess really well.
  10. Have people say of me "Mark's kinda like a poor-man's Phil Keoghan."

    - Mark Hill - Ottawa, Canada - List before I'm 50


  1. Kayak with Orcas Whales and photograph
  2. To climb Mt. McKinley
  3. Play Guitar with Buddy Guy
  4. See the Northern Lights in Alaska and try to conceive a child Andrea while there
  5. Scuba Dive with whale sharks in Honduras
  6. Find out where my dad's and his cronies "secret" fishing hole is before he passes away OR convince him to leave that info. In his will.
  7. To ride my Harley across New Zealand with Andrea
  8. To help conserve the Galapagos Islands
  9. Track a Sasquash
  10. Meet the Dahlia Llama

    - Chrisopher Fridley


  1. Renee, Chris and I would drive around in an RV and volunteer at small town, rural town non-profit groups for various causes and upon leavening the area give them an anonymous grant of money. Or just give the money.
  2. Photograph and view wild mustangs
  3. Hot Air Ballooning Week Filzmoos AUSTRIA—with mom and get her a ride in a balloon
  4. Night of spectacular Northern Lights viewing
  5. Sled dog team
  6. Snowmobile tour
  7. Bear and wildlife viewing
  8. See if the superstition of fertility relating to the Aurora are true
  9. Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival (Interview locals and find old blues men to talk to)
  10. Dedicate a rose garden in Kansas to my Grammy and Aunt Bev.
  11. Finally get married at Disney world with all of our family and marry as Cinderella and stay at the underwater hotel. (Annulment the next day secretly)

    - Andrea Burnett - List of retirement dreams


  1. Get into good enough shape to accomplish all of the goals listed below.
  2. Volunteer 2 weeks at a turtle research program in Belize.
  3. Scuba dive with hammerhead sharks.
  4. Climb a peak over 10,000 feet.
  5. Work with my husband in a community that is medically and social service underserved. (He is a physician assistant student and I am a social work student)
  6. Learn to paint on silk.
  7. Quilt a baby blanket.
  8. Go canopying in Costa Rica.
  9. Fly in an acrobatic bi-plane.
  10. Research and re-write the Social Security Law. (Lofty idea but would like to give it a try)

    - Connie D Sacripante - Portland, Maine - 1/9/05


  1. Live Life NOW! ;-)
  2. Get Imelda signed to a HUGE record label so she can live her dreams
  3. Get everyone I know to watch / or come to the party we are throwing in Chicago
  4. Promote Imelda's show and No Opportunity Wasted (radio, tv, newspaper, Oprah, you the name it I'm writing a letter) ;-)
  5. Find new and better ways to thank NOW team for everything they have done
  6. Drive Route 66 in a convertible with friends. Take tons of pictures, and maybe find a place for Imelda to perform
  7. Visit Nepal for a more spiritual fill up
  8. Take Imelda to Israel to find out where I was born
  9. Go to the Philippines with Imelda and see where she is from
  10. Find a new job that's more fulfilling

    - Gabe Cohen - Chicago 10/10/2004


  1. Have my wife create a NOW list and help her complete the very first item on her list
  2. Design and build my own house
  3. Take training classes on racing and race a NASCAR
  4. Learn to properly run business and turn my side business, (landscaping) into a full time career
  5. Build a wood canoe and take a canoe/camping trip with my sons
  6. Build a hotrod with my dad, father-in-law and my sons
  7. Take my wife to Ireland, ride a horse-and-drawn carriage into the country, and have a picnic
  8. Take my family on a cruise around the Peloponnesian islands
  9. Learn to windsurf
  10. Buy a boat, name it after my granddad, and take my kids fishing where my granddad took me fishing

    - Jason Reagan 10/6/2004


  1. Drive a V8 super car around Bathurst
  2. Pass on my passion for Design and Technology education to my students
  3. Do the Haka with the NZ All Blacks before a rugby game
  4. Visit Antarctica
  5. Visit my great grandfather's birthplace in Malta
  6. Write a picture book for children and get it published for all to enjoy
  7. Walk along the Great Wall of China.
  8. Train in other Les Mills programs and continue to motivate as a group fitness instructor

    - Katie - Adelaide Australia 10/2/2004


  1. Ride a spring round-up on the Continental Divide
  2. Cross-country horseback trek in Ireland
  3. Film Bahamas spotted dolphins with Hardy Jones
  4. Dive Truk Lagoon
  5. Round "The Horn" to weather on a square rigger
  6. Catch a 250lb halibut in Gulf of Alaska
  7. Dig up more Herculaneum papyri
  8. Excavate a druid peat bog
  9. Compete in national match at Camp Perry, Ohio
  10. Fly a strafing run with 20 mm wing mounts
  11. Cut cattle in a rodeo

    - Steve McCarthy 9/29/2004



  1. Work for National Geographic
  2. Publish a book
  3. Go to a foreign land
  4. Learn how to fly
  5. Teach the world to save our animals
  6. Go to a rainforest
  7. Watch gorillas in their natural habitat
  8. Explore the ocean
  9. Get a star named after me
  10. Be in a movie
  11. Pet a lion

    - Jessica Marek 9/22/2004


Things I would love to do:

  • Bungee jump off the Kawarau Bridge, Kawarau Gorge, Central Otago, NZ
  • See the first sunrise and last sunset in the world on the same day – Mt Hakepa, Chatham Islands – Mt Silisili, Samoa (14 hours later)
  • Participate in New Zealand’s Coast to Coast Endurance race
  • Go on a tramping trip with my two older brothers
  • Write a book and publish it
  • Learn to play the guitar or piano
  • Build Whare Whanau (a home that can be shared with family, friends and others in need of help)
  • Create a living by making a difference to people’s lives everyday
  • Team up with Phil Keoghan to produce an inspirational/motivational/creative work of literature   

Max Benfell
Wellington NZ   10/25/2011



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